About season 1

In first season of our show we have invited Jonnah from Sweden and Dimitrios from Greece to discover Ukraine!

They are have visited the most popular places in Ukraine and shared their experience on the travel show about the largest European country.

More than 100 locations, interesting facts, adventures and fails.

Follow our channel on YouTube and let’s discover Ukraine together!


Episode #1 LVIV (part 1)

Lviv is falling asleep, but Discover Destination UA team is awake! A day is not enough to see Lviv! So the night is calling :) We keep on travelling.

After the sunset, Lviv changes, unmasks and becomes itself. People disappear and street musicians play here and there. We feel at home!

Episode #2 LVIV (part2)

One vlog for multifaced Lviv certainly isn’t enough! So we release part 2 of the first episode!

Lviv is  famous for unusual restaurants, so this time our hosts gonna explore world-famous places here. And literally try the taste of Lviv :)

Episode #3 TUSTAN

What new roles did Dimitrios and Jonnah try?

What obstacles and surprises did they face?

And what interesting facts about Ukraine do they plan to tell you?

Don’t waste time guessing, you’ll find all the answers in our new Tustan video!

Episode #4 UZHGOROD

Today's travel vlog is full of fun! 

We did not expect Uzhgorod to be so versatile and interesting. 

This city even has its own globe, can you imagine that? And we‘ve been to aquapark! Aaaand...

Well, we shouldn’t show all the aces.

Episode #5 MUKACHEVO

Travelling to historic cities is not always that boring, as it may seem at first. Just find cool locations and activities, as we did in Mukachevo! 

Wine and cheese tasting, buffalo riding and even more in our new video!

Watch, enjoy and get inspired!

Episode #6 SYNEVYR

Hurray! Let`s dive into the atmosphere of a mythical place – Lake Synevyr. Mysticism, lots of fun, adventures.

And unforgettable amazing scenery.

They decoy to leave here forever.

Enjoy and follow our Ukraine travel blog!


This time we set a difficult goal to climb a mountain which is 2,061 m high! However, it's worth it! These views and the panorama on the top are just stunning!

And we also wandered around Little Paris that is the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi. It’s called so for about 700 cultural monuments.

In a word, enjoy!

Episode #8 KHOTYN

Khotyn. It is over 1,000 years old! 

The nature of this city is breathtaking. People come here to see the famous Khotyn fortress, but there are many other beautiful places here. For example, a park with incredible nature, as well as several state-protected nature reserves. 


This town still keeps the spirit of the Middle Ages and boasts so many cultural monuments that it can compete with Lviv! Old Town is a special place. It is packed with must-see architectural monuments.

The best time to walk here is in the evening when the backlight is on. It feels like you are not at some castle with dragons and princesses!

Episode #10 BACKOTA & UMAN

Bakota is the Ukrainian Atlantis. A place that is not marked on the map Bakota has incredible views and breathtaking nature!

Uman. This town is known not only in Ukraine, but also far abroad, because about 30,000 pilgrims come here every year to celebrate the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah

Episode #11 ODESA

Oh, we adore the sea! Therefore, we couldn’t resist travelling to the main marine city of Ukraine! 

It is almost as popular among tourists as Lviv or Kyiv. This city has its own charm. It’s like a completely different coveted world. Meet all-night parties, colorful streets and expressive inhabitants of Odesa. And enjoy delicious food (which we love so much) and the seaaaaaa!

Episode #12 VYLKOVE

It is called Ukrainian Venice. We can find lots of interesting here! There are picturesque canals instead of streets and boats instead of cars here. 

You can walk from building to building across the drawbridges here. And parents give their children boats, not cars for birthdays. 

Episode #13 KHERSON

Our travelling around Ukraine goes on and this time we are shooting our Ukraine tourism video in Kherson. Kherson doesn’t pretend to be a tourist city. It certainly can’t compete with Lviv or Odessa.

There are no cafes and restaurants at every corner or crowds of tourists. Nevertheless, people know and love this city. This area is very similar to Italian Tuscany, but it has Ukrainian flavor and spirit. 


Another Ukraine travel destination and more facts about Ukraine are waiting for us. Do you know where Ukrainian samurai, Cossacks used to live? 

We didn’t know either, but now we’ll go there and show you everything! The largest Ukrainian river island called Khortytsa is located in Zaporizhzhia. But the city boasts many more facts. 

Episode #15 KRYVYI RIH

This city differs from other cities that we saw. It features no stunning architecture or magnificent buildings, but there is something that touches you. Something exciting. We haven’t realized what exactly, but we will investigate it.

Despite its non-tourist soul, the city has canyons, mountains and even waterfalls! They are human-made though. But still interesting!

Episode #16 MYHIA

Active vacations, beautiful landscapes, stunning nature… Myhia is a perfect place for us! It is a small village in Ukraine, which is also called "Little Switzerland" for its beautiful landscapes, nature and this atmosphere.

Here is an ideal place for camping and extreme lovers. Do what you want: jump from the rocks right into the water, go rafting or horse riding. Just perfect!

Episode #17 LUTSK

Combining antiquity and modernity, what’s its secret?

Lutsk has preserved the largest castle in Ukraine, the longest residential building in Europe is located here, and it is also one of the most Ukrainian-speaking cities in the country!

In a word, it features lots of interesting things. 

Episode #18 CHORNOBYL

More than 30 years ago, life was in full swing here, children studied at school, adults went to work, people made plans and created families.

Until the nuclear reactor exploded.

Since then, this place has been empty and has the status of a tourist place. 

Episode #19 KYIV (part 1)

We left the tastiest piece for dessert.

Travelling around Ukraine and not visiting its capital?

No, it’s not about us.

Therefore, it’s time to travel to Kyiv.

Episode #20 KYIV (part 2)

Modern Kyiv is a mixture of ancient architecture, beautiful and successful people, delicious restaurants and all-night parties. They say that many people want to conquer this city, but not everyone succeeds at once! It does not resemble either Lviv, Odessa, or any other city we visited. It is simply special. 

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