About season 2

In second season of the show we are visited next regions: Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Poltava, Dnipro, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr.

Next 100 locations, interesting facts, adventures are waiting for you.

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Episode #1 The Kyivan Rus Park

We start our journey from the historical park - Kyivan Rus.

This is the marvelous and unique place in the history of mankind, reproduction of the most famous medieval city in Eastern Europe - Ancient Kyiv V-XIII centuries, the capital of the largest medieval empire of Kyivan Rus.

Episode #2 Mezhyhirya

Since February 2014 the national park is open for visitors.

There are different types of activities for everyone: cycling, riding or training, visits to the zoo, greenhouse or tennis courts, sightseeing tours by electric cars or walking tours to the Honka and the health complex, also you can arrange a picnic with a view to the Kyiv Sea.

Episode #3 Chernihiv

Chernihiv is a small, green, quiet and cozy city, which feels more like an open-air museum rather than an ancient city.

The city is also famous for its sights from the times of Kyivan Rus’ and Chernihiv Principality, as well as from the Cossack Hetmanate period and the Chernihiv Cossack Regiment.

Episode #4 Baturyn

Baturyn is one of the main tourist centers of the Chernihiv region.

this historical Reserve has a huge collection of artifacts, with more than 15 thousand exhibits of the Cossack era. Can you imagine how much history these things can reveal?!

Episode #5 Sumy

This city will present you many unique experiences and surprises.

Exquisite buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, ancient majestic cathedrals, narrow streets, ramparts, many pretty spots in the historic part of the town - all of these things have really impressed our hosts.

Episode #6 Kharkiv. Day 1

Kharkiv can compete with many big cities around the world in its architecture, monuments, gardens and historical streets.

The city doesn’t let you ignore any of its highlights! Some call Kharkiv the capital of science, while the others regard it as the center of hip-hop, students, and the industry of Ukraine.

Episode #7 Kharkiv. Day 2

Kharkiv is a city with great historical heritage, the capital of constructivism in architecture, the city of intellectuals, science and innovation, the city of youth and business, as well as the best place for family recreation.

The city of Eastern Ukraine, Kharkiv, is  waiting for you. You will definitely find something for yourself here.

Episode #8 Poltava Region

Unique traditions, delicious food, beautiful nature and amazing architecture - all this is waiting for you in the picturesque Poltava region.

There is a place in the Poltava region where you can immerse yourself in the splendor of folk event - a wedding. The Ukrainian Wedding Museum was opened in 2008 in the village of Velyki Budyshcha, not far from Dykanka

Episode #9 Poltava

One of the oldest cities in Ukraine, the cradle of the Ukrainian literary language, the site of the famous battle that changed the course of European history - all of this is about Poltava - a beautiful city in the center of our country. 

It’s best to start your visit to Poltava from an observation deck. There you can immediately assess the size of the city and take amazing landscape photos.

Episode #10 Dnipro

The first association for Dnipro is that it's a major center of the high-tech industry, education, engineering, rocketry, metallurgy, and trade.

The city is located on the banks of the mighty Dnipro River, so travellers can walk along the picturesque promenade, enjoy the views or attractions and take photos to keep memories of this adventure.

Episode #11 Petrykivka

The people of the Petrykivka village decorate their houses, household belongings and musical instruments with a style of ornamental painting that is characterised by creating beautiful patterns of flowers and other natural elements inspired by the local flora and fauna. This art is rich in symbolism: the rooster stands for fire and spiritual awakening, while birds represent light, harmony and happiness.

Episode #12 Kherson Region. Day 1

This is a real pearl of the steppe area of Ukraine. Nature has generously endowed the region with priceless abundance of unique protected lands.

Kherson region attracts tourists not only with its nature, sea, festivals and typical tourist activities and services, but also with a slightly unusual type of holiday - the so called “wild” recreation.

Episode #13 Kherson Region. Day 2

The more we travel around Ukraine the more we admire its unique nature and resources. Kherson region is one of such marvelous destinations. Here you can visit Oleshky sands that are called the largest desert in Europe and are proudly shown even to sheikhs. However, in terms of temperature and rainfall, these sands can be rather classified as semi-deserts.

Episode #14 Mykolayiv Region

Mykolayiv region is located on the Southern Bug and Inhul rivers which flow into the Black Sea. Due to its successful location, Mykolayiv region has become a so-called window to the Mediterranean world.

One of the largest city-states on the Black Sea coast was the city of Olbia. It existed for over a thousand years.

Episode #15 Vinnytsia. Day 1

Vinnytsia - a city where Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish cultures come together, and this creates a unique and colourful local atmosphere.

If you want to feel the amazing spirit of the city, walk through the narrow streets or the cozy parks, see the beautiful trams and trolleybuses that go one after another all the time, then definitely visit Vinnytsia.

Episode #16 Vinnytsia. Day 2

Ukrainian Kaolin Company - a modern mining enterprise specializing in the extraction of raw kaolin, production of enriched kaolin grades, and fractionization of quartz sands

Tourists come here to see this unusual quarry, which strikes with its beauty. Some call this area the "Ukrainian Pamukkale", others - a natural miracle.

Episode #17 Vinnytsia Region

The Vinnytsia region is exactly such a place.

Everyone who comes here for a holiday knows that here you can admire the beautiful nature and interesting architectural monuments, visit unusual farms or fly on an airplane, as well as spend the evening in the nature in the company of friends or loved ones.

Episode #18 Zhytomyr Region

Zhytomyr region is located within Polissya and can boast many beautiful landscapes: dense forests, clear lakes, and ancient architectural monuments, surrounded by mystery and the spirit of living legends.

If a traveler wants to have a relaxing holiday in the midst of nature, then the best option would be the Zhytomyr region as it is calm and quiet.

Episode #19 Crimea

For all Ukrainians, Crimea is a special destination. Its culture and art are being revived in many regions. 

Kyiv is not an exception.

Here both the guests of the capital and its residents can enjoy Crimean Tatar cuisine in atmospheric restaurants.

Episode #20 Chornobyl

April 26, 1986, was the day of the largest man-made disaster in human history. During the experiment, two explosions occurred at the 4th reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. A cloud of radioactive dust escaped into the Earth's atmosphere. The wind carried dangerous radioactive isotopes to the northwest that later settled to the ground as a fallout, contaminating water and soil.

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